Mr. Tea - Fresh milk and organic ingredients with high quality tea leaves. Mr. Tea - Fresh milk and organic ingredients with high quality tea leaves.

Here at Mr. Tea, we're not afraid to admit that we're a team full of tea geeks. Our straight-forward approach is what makes us different. We don't do stock photos of tea farmers. The industry doesn't talk about sourcing the way we feel it should. Sourcing is often convoluted. How many times has the tea changed hands before it appears in your cup? How do I know if the tea is high quality? We ask ourselves these questions all the time. And we're in the industry! That's why we dedicated a whole page to sourcing.

We source responsibly. We chose this approach after tirelessly working our way from the ground up in the industry. Over time, we got a better picture of the industry: suppliers selling to other suppliers, high-quality teas blended with lower-quality teas. To make tea accessible, we need to be transparent because it removes the barrier between you and the farmer. You know what we know.

Specifically, we source the tea varietal staples and related derivatives. For example, when we source TiKuanYin teas in Southern China, we will get its related brethren like the Yingde Black Tea and Dancong Tea. And for the famous Taiwanese oolongs, we generally stick to the staples like Tung Ting or High Mountain oolong.

Usually, we're within one-degree of separation with the farmer. There are plenty of tea plantations in Asia that have giant plantations and produce enormous quantities of tea. While it's great they are bringing more tea to the world, we feel those big tea plantations lack the flare and individual spirit of family farms. When we meet a tea farmer, we want to believe in their tea and what they do. We want to make sure that we can represent them and their tea back here in the west. We want their mission to coincide with ours. We want every tea in our selection to show you something about the culture of their origin.